New Compound May Help People Lose Weight without Exercising

New Compound May Help People Lose Weight without ExercisingA study carried out recently by a group of researchers from the Scripps Institute in Jupiter, FL, has been claiming that one day, it could be possible that a pill ends the need for exercise.

It is being said that a compound is likely to produce almost the same effects as produced by exercise. Overweight mice were included in the study, all of which were injected with a compound created by the researchers.

It was found that the compound brought an increase in the activation of Rev-erb.  The same is a protein, which is involved in curbing circadian rhythms as well as biological clocks.

The team said that the mice successfully lost weight and even showed an improvement in their cholesterol.  However, they were still on a high-fat diet.

Co-author, Thomas Burris, and colleagues said that the mice were able to use more oxygen during daytime.  Also, they could use more energy by 5% as compared to the control group.  It was to be noted that the treated mice had not exercised more than their untreated counterparts.

"I have been told by other scientists who have published data about potential exercise pills to expect some weird phone calls from athletes and their support crew", said Dr.  Burris.