NHS’s Worst Side alongside the Best

NHS-logoNHS proves to be the best in some ways, but at some point, the worst could even be expected, a recent report has claimed.

A person shared his personal experience saying that he saw the best when his wife had collapsed at home and he had called 999. It took just five and 10 minutes for a paramedic and an ambulance crew to arrive.

The man said the staff was excellent. While a heart problem was suspected, the problem was actually the inner ear's severe infection resulting in loss of balance.

But, while his wife underwent heart tests, he did not know that she was just one floor below her own mother. Yes! The man's 90-year-old mother-in-law was also there in the hospital for three weeks. However, he could not obtain information related to her from the hard-pressed doctors.

He told that such problems had occurred when his own mother had suffered a life-threatening secondary infection and was being treated at some other hospital last year. The man affirmed that his experience forced him to see the war of words between the Labour and Conservatives as a consumer and not an observer.

"The key issue was not whether people were dying in our hospitals avoidably, but that they were dying while waiting for treatment", said NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh.