Licia Corbella’s Argument

Licia-Corbella-ArgumentA recent comment from Licia Corbella has created confusion among many. According to her, it's not difficult to score heroin in Vancouver than in other Canadian cities. The reason attributed for the same is that the people are aware of the places and people to search for in such cities.

She mentioned about a safe injection operation on the Downtown Eastside. She narrated an instance where actor Cory Monteith had been staying in a Canadian city. According to her, he must have been alive and wouldn't have been able to score.

One cannot cross question about the number of people who have been overdosed at Insite. Considering the past of the drug, there should not be random decision of completely phasing it out. According to a hitherto belief, Insite encourages drug usage and even the clients can easily be available.

After the death of Mr. Monteith many questions have been raised. Speaking to the press, B. C. provincial health officer Perry Kendall said, "We have periodic reports of bad heroin or extra-strong heroin, and we believe it is likely that is referring to fentanyl, or fentanyl mixed with other drugs".

Police accuse MDMA and ecstasy for dozens of deaths which are even more dangerous that the original drug.