Children of Six to 11 Years will Now Benefit from Xolair Injections

Xolair-InjectionsAs per recent reports, children of ages between six and 11 will now be given Xolair injections for the first time. The move is considered for helping the children with severe asthma.

The drug received approval from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in 2007. Since then, the drug has been used to treat the condition in about 2,000 severely ill patients. However, in November, NICE said that Xolair was not much affordable and effective than it was previously thought.

Therefore, the agency made an announcement under which it said the drug should not be given to the new patients. The proposal was criticized by the patients and doctors. A charity named Asthma UK claimed the drug has proved life saving in many cases.

But according to reports, NICE has yesterday taken U-turn on its decision. For the first time ever, the drug has been made available for the children of ages between six and 11. The drug is already available to children and adults in Scotland.

"While it's not suitable for everyone, people with severe allergic asthma who benefit from taking Xolair can see a massive improvement in their quality of life", said Dr. Samantha Walker, of Asthma UK.