NHS Reveals Plan to Increase Organ Donation to 25% by 2020

nhsAccording to recent plans unveiled by the NHS last week, organ donation in the country is expected to increase by 25% by 2020.

The plans are good news for people, who are in waiting list for organ donation. It is learnt at present the families of deceased have a final say whether they want to donate organs or not. Family's opinion is considered important even if deceased person has registered for organ donation.

However, NHS is planning to educate the people about importance and need of organ donation. The health bosses are expecting that the step will lead to increase in organ donation by reducing the number of families denying donation.

Further, the organization is asking the people to ask their loved ones about their views on organ donation. Also, NHS has said that it will give the registered donors highest priority if ever they require any transplant.

Debates over efficacy of the new measure are going on. Figures suggest that presently over 112 people in Berkshire are waiting for transplant. "We need a transformation because the UK's family refusal rate remains one of the highest in Europe", said Sally Johnson, the Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation for NHS Blood and Transplant.