New Zealander’s Subsidized Immunization Offer is coming to an End

ImmunizationAlarm bells have rung as a government-subsidized offer for the New Zealander's would witness termination in near future. It has been announced that New Zealanders can avail free influenza immunization for not less than a week.

According to the National Influenza Specialist Group (NISG), it has been estimated that there has been distribution of 1.25 million doses of vaccine. This exhibits that estimated 29% of the population has received immunization.

If any one wishes to receive immunization after July 31 will have to pay for the vaccination. So, they are left with a miniature time to get themselves immunized. Dr. Lance Jennings, a virologist and spokesperson for NISG, said, "Many vulnerable people are, however, still unprotected, and this is a concern as we are seeing more cases of influenza in the community now".

NISG was found to be happy about the fact that the health professionals have helped in this process. In this case, there have been more than 80% of GPs surveyed in the latest New Zealand Doctor/IMS Health fax poll who have been vaccinated in 2013. Besides, 65% of the staff has also helped in the process.

Doctors and nurses would be free to charge to administer Influenza vaccinations after July. But in case of people aged 65 or above or pregnant women and young children will be vaccinated for free even after July.