New Accountable Healthcare Model Promises Better Care at Low Costs

HealthcareA recent report has been claiming that consumers, who have been maneuvered by accountable healthcare's new model, are likely to actively look for participating providers.

The new model, as per the findings, vows better-coordinated care in reduced costs. Better quality is being touted as a principle of accountable care. It is being said that doctors are paid properly so that patients are kept healthy and not for treating them during sickness.

It has been found that some programs are such that the providers would be penalized in case of too many hospitalizations. They would be charged even when they would show failure to keep overall costs down.

Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act has been driving the changes. The same necessitates experimentation, when it comes to cost-cutting for Medicare.

As per the findings, if an accountable care organization is to be defined in most restricted way, it is one on a list of 250 official partakers of a Medicare pilot program. Nonetheless, they are all at different stages of implementation. Also, a large list of others is there, who would adopt the model.

"It's like having a personal trainer or coach. Nothing seems to be too small for him to talk about", said Dennis Chitwood, 71, a retired salesman from St. Louis.