Indian Military Mistakes Jupiter and Venus for Flying Intruders from China

Jupiter-and-VenusTwo star-gazers from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Bangalore were sent to Ladakh near the disputed border with China. Calcutta's Telegraph has reported that they had been observing the UFOs since Aug 2012.

Since August 2012 to Feb 2013, the Indian military had observed 329 sightings of unidentified objects at Thakung near the border with Tibet.

The objects crossed the Line of Actual Control between the two nations as many as 155 times. Onlookers might have been confused because of the high altitude as the planets would have appeared much brighter than usual.

One was reported to have appeared on the horizon between 6 P. M. and 5 A. M. The other was visible between 4 A. M. and 11 A. M.

Senior astronomer Tushar Prabhu told the paper that their task was to figure out whether these UFOs were celestial or terrestrial. The astronomers were sure that they definitely belonged to the former, after using a theodolite to measure the horizontal and vertical location of the objects.

The army's concerns were not baseless as flying insurgents from China have previously been witnessed. Besides, the Middle Kingdom has increased the use of unmanned drones in the area.

As per reports, the Indian army spent six months watching Chinese spy drones violating its air space, thinking they were actually Jupiter and Venus, BBC News reported on Friday.