Physicists Stop Light for More One Minute

PhysicistsFor the first time in the history, scientists have been able to stop light for the longest duration, a minute. Light is known as the fastest thing in the universe and to stop it for 60 seconds is a milestone.

Light can cover a distance of 18 million kilometers in 60 seconds, which is enough time to orbit the moon as many as 20 times. This is not the first time researchers have successfully stopped light, but it was certainly for the longest duration.

Physicists stopped the light for the first time in 2001, and it was only for fraction of seconds. Then this year, scientists used cold atoms to keep it still for 60 seconds.

According to reports of New Scientist, a control laser was fired at an opaque crystal to send its atoms into a quantum superposition of two states. The experiment was performed by George Heinze and colleagues at the University of Darmstadt, Germany.

It became transparent to a narrow range of frequencies. Then, a second beam that entered the crystal was halted by switching off the laser first and hence the transparency.

An algorithm was used by Heinze's team to breed combinations of magnet and laser. This led them to one that stopped light for a minute.