Make NHS Function like PC World, says UK's doctor Sir Bruce Keogh

Make NHS Function like PC World, says UK's doctor Sir Bruce KeoghConsidering the lethargy and problems faced by NHS, Britain's top doctor has asked NHS to function with the same kind of attitude as that of Dixons or PC World. These are the big street giants, which have success stories to share.

According to the doctor, Sir Bruce Keogh, health service has stepped into a new era of austerity. This state has to be dealt effectively by getting inspired from retailers. These retail companies have been able to cut down costs and still deliver montage of products.

He spoke to the press about his statement. He addressed the matter by saying that each year when one enters into the PC World or Dixons, one comes across reduced price rates with enhancement of specifications. He said, "My challenge is: every other aspect of industry has to improve the quality they offer for less. So we need to change that mindset".

Sir Bruce Keogh also shed light on 14 hospitals with higher-than-expected mortality rates. He said he will be adamant about protecting the principle of free healthcare. He has warned that the healthcare service needs to learn lessons from the commercial sector. Such learning for NHS has become all the more important at this point.