Scientists warn 3D Printing could have Severe Health Risks

Scientists warn 3D Printing could have Severe Health RisksIt has only been a week for the first 3D printer being introduced to the high street, and concerns have been raised over harms it can cause to humans. Warnings have come from a group of scientists that humans may have to suffer if 3D printers are not set up in the right environment.

The new printing method has a wide variety of publications covering all the latest things made with the help of 3D printers, ranging from bathroom plugs to plastic figurines that can be made to look like anyone.

However, according to a paper released by academics in America and France, 3D printing technique results into emission of the significant number of particles. These particles pose health risks to human when they are inhaled.

The scientists at the Illinois Institute of Technology and France's National Institute of Applied Sciences revealed that a commonly available 3D printer thermally extrudes and deposits plastics. This leads to emission of a large amount of very small particles that are mostly less than 100 nanometers in a diameter.

"These small particles can cause inflammation in our respiratory system, or penetrate deep into our lungs and are small enough to enter our bloodstream", lead author from IIT, Brent Stephens, told Techworld.