Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s to be Available Soon

Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s to be Available SoonTill now, there is no definite test to detect Alzheimer's. Doctors have to rely on cognition tests and brain scans to diagnose the disease.

It has been recently revealed that a group of researchers from Saarland University, in Germany, have been working on a way that will be able to detect the brain-wasting disease.

The research, published in the journal Genome Biology, has unveiled that a blood test is being developed to detect Alzheimer's.

The researchers were of the view that there are tiny fragments of genetic material that are found in the blood. Blood test for the same will be able to reveal that the person has been suffering from Alzheimer's or not.

It is said the test has been carried out on 202 people and test has been found to be accurate 93% of the time. Study researchers were of the view that they have found 140 microRNAs in the blood of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease as well as in healthy people.

Out of 140 microRNAs, 12 microRNAs have been found in different levels among people having Alzheimer's. "A blood test to help detect Alzheimer's could be a useful addition to a doctor's diagnostic armoury, but such a test must be well validated before it's considered for use", said Dr. Eric Karran from Alzheimer's Research UK.