Heaviest Baby Born in Germany Weighs 6.1kg

Heaviest-Baby-BornA baby girl born in Germany on July 26 is the country's largest ever newborn. Baby Jasleen was born on Friday at the University Hospital in Leipzig and weighed more than 6kgs.

Large babies are usually delivered with the help of Caesarean. However, Jasleen's mother gave her birth naturally. According to doctors, undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes may have led the mother to give birth to a large baby. The disorder is known to cause high birth weights.

Doctors have said the mother and daughter are in good health. Jasleen was reported by German magazine Der Spiegel to be at the neonatal unit.

Stephen Lyttle's birth weight was 7.399kg when he was born at Kempsey Hospital on January 26, 1963. He is the Australia's heaviest. Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests 3.37kg to be the average size of an Australian baby.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest baby born was to Anna Bates, of Canada. She gave birth to a boy, weighing 10.8kg in 1879. The baby, however, died 11 hours later.

Jasleen is not certainly the heaviest in the world, but she has surpassed Germany's previous biggest newborn. The baby, Jihad, was born in 2011 and weighed 5.8kg.