Hard Candy Leads Children to Choke

Hard Candy Leads Children to ChokeAccording to a new study, candy causes children to choke. The findings were revealed by the first multiyear, nationally representative study of food-related nonfatal choking injuries to kids.

Gary Smith is an MD at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He said that problems related to choking of food item are seen on an average 12,435 children, ages 0 to 14 every year. They have to be treated in emergency departments because of chocking on a food item.

Hard candy is one of the most important causes of such events. That does not mean other candies do not cause problems as other forms of candy, meat, and bone also pose the similar risk.

The researchers said that chocking is an important cause that attribute to morbidity and mortality among children. As many as 17,537 children under 14 were reported to have received treatment in emergency care for a nonfatal choking episode in 2001. The problems occurred because of either food or nonfood substances, such as small toys or coins.

New regulations have been introduced since then to curb the risk of choking from small toys. However, chocking on food has always remained a relatively under-addressed problem, said the researchers.