Super-Food Broccoli Retunes Metabolism

Super-Food Broccoli Retunes MetabolismThe American Journal of Clinical Nutrition-published report has unveiled that a group of British scientists has developed broccoli. The new superfood broccoli is not a normal one and has increased level of Beneforte.

The compound is said to provide protection against a number of problems like obesity, some form of cancer, cardiovascular problem and diabetes. Researchers were of the view that they have tested the new superfood on volunteers and were happy with results.

The researchers said with advancement in age, mitochondria gets weak. In order to improve its performance, broccoli was prepared and it was found that broccoli has helped in reducing the malfunctions associated with mitochondria.

The newly prepared broccoli is said to be containing two to three times more of the compound in comparison to normal broccoli.

Team leader Professor Richard Mithen from the Institute of Food Research in Norwich was of the view, "A diet rich in cruciferous vegetables effectively retunes our metabolism.. In this manner, cruciferous vegetables may be able to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases associated with ageing".

It is important to make sure that mitochondria keep on working well as otherwise they can cause a number of disease related to ageing.