Jasleen is Germany’s Heaviest Baby

JasleenJasleen, a newborn girl, has become Germany's heaviest baby. She weighs 13lb 8oz and is 23 inches long.

One of the other startling revelations is that Jasleen's mother Maria has delivered her through normal delivery. Maria came at University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, on the day of the delivery.

When Jasleen was born then Maria was shocked. She was of the view that her stomach was bigger. But she was not aware of the fact such a giant was inside.

She already has two children and Jasleen is her third child. It has been found that Maria was suffering from undiagnosed gestational diabetes. It is such a condition in which babies can be born abnormally big.

Though Jasleen is Germany's heaviest baby, she is still 10 lbs lighter than world's heaviest baby. For now, it has been found that Jasleen is admitted in neonatal intensive care and has been doing fine.

Doctors and nurses are keeping constant watch on her. Before Jasleen was born, Jihad Yagi was the one who was the heaviest born in Germany. Yagi weighed 13lbs and was born in November 2011. But Jasleen has easily stolen the crown of being Germany's heaviest baby.