Singapore Airlines to cut first class flights to Abu Dhabi route

Singapore-AirlinesSingapore Airlines' new Airbus A330-300 aircraft will be without first class cabins during its way ahead to Abu Dhabi. The move is seen as an effort by the airline to make the judicious use of space as more travelers have started to use economy class in line with their plans to reduce spending.

Desmond Lim, the Abu Dhabi manager for Singapore Airlines said that use of the first class cabin have hit significantly on accounts of the global slowdown. The situation prompted the carrier to cut first class cabins.

Lim said that the move is sufficient to vacate space for 30 business-class seats where people enjoy comfort without luxury. He told, "We think overall it will be a plus."

Airbus A330-300 aircraft will offer a 15.5-inch in flight entertainment screen with a facility to access iPods and multimedia functions through reserved ports.

Singapore Airlines handles large traffic to Abu Dhabi as its flights almost remains full throughout the year. However, global slowdown hit the traffic that again started to surge further in response to signs of global economic recovery.