Govt Announces Fund for Proton Beam Therapy Availability in UK

Proton-Beam-TherapyAs per recent reports, it has been unveiled government has provided grants for Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) to be available in two treatment centers in the UK.

The government has provided £250 million in the form of grant that will go towards in two PBT centers that are in Manchester and London.

As per experts, PBT is an advanced form of radiotherapy treatment. Main aim of the therapy is to target cancer in such a manner that less damage takes place to nearby tissues as well as side effects of the treatment is also not much.

The government said that they have high hopes from the therapy. They feel that the NHS will be able to treat more number of cancer patients through the therapy.

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry was of the view, "By investing in Proton Beam Therapy facilities, we will be able to treat more patients in the UK and reduce the stress placed on families".

For now, people living in the UK have to travel to America to receive the treatment. But by 2018, the treatment will be available in the UK and then there will be less pressure on families to travel abroad to take the treatment.