Camping Helps in Improving Sleep Patterns: Study

Camping Helps in Improving Sleep Patterns: StudyA recent study has shed light on the fact that camping can help in resolving issues of sleeping patterns. The study says that the after a camping in the great outdoors people can witness a change in their sleep cycles.

The study has been conducted by University of Colorado physiology department. It has been scrutinized by eight individuals over a two-week period.

During the study, the participants were given watches that measured their exposure to light and their sleep patterns. They were supervised during their daily routines, and then in a camping environment.

After the end of a week, participants were taken to a laboratory where researchers measured their melatonin levels. This is a hormone that regulates circadian rhythms and determines sleep patterns.

Eventually, the researchers found that after a week of exposure to true dawn and dusk there was a drastic improvement in their sleeping patterns. So, if a person is exposed to both natural light and natural darkness there can significant improvement in his health.

The research has concluded that our body works best in natural environment. There is no doubt about the fact that if there would be no electricity then the person would be hitting the bed early.