Health Problems through Big Tobacco Maneuvers: Study

Health Problems through Big Tobacco Maneuvers: StudyAs per statistics, sugar consumption has reduced by 12% in two years. The research has been conducted by Gary Taubes and Cristin Kearns Couzens that speaks about the big tobacco maneuvers.

The research has been conducted for the last one decade. The research was done to studyUSDA's dietary guidelines. The study questions why top sugar-industry consultant leads the FDA’s sugar review panel.

The reason behind the observations is that the sugar was perceived as a fattening, and a potential cause of heart disease and diabetes. Even the sugar industry had started a huge advertising campaign to bankroll scientific papers and also hire lobbyists. Purpose of the same was that the sugar industry wished to free itself from any legislative restriction.

Authors of the study have written, "The story of sugar, as President of the Sugar Association, John Tatem told it, was one of a harmless product under attack by 'opportunists dedicated to exploiting the consuming public”.

The researchers tried to associate sugar with chronic disease and it was phased out by the late 1980s. But there are potential dangers from sugar. After some researchers and respected medical professionals such as Dr. Richard Johnson and Dr. Robert Lustig studied the potential health risks of sugar, there has been a rude awakening for people.