Abu Dhabi’s Parking Inspectors get Trikkes

TrikkesMawaqif's paid parking inspectors would have Trikkes, the light-weight battery powered three-wheel push bikes which are very light and flexible, according to the Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi.

The bikes, weighing about just 20 kg, would prove very useful for the inspectors making them to cover large area in a very short span. Najib Al Zarooni, the General Manager of parking at DoT said, "The environmentally friendly trikkes are introduced with the aim to protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development."

The chargeable trikkes are very easy to balance and offer comfortable drive to the inspectors. The battery is capable enough to cover a distance of 30 km per single charge and attain a maximum speed of 27 km per hour.

The Traffic and Patrols Department at Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) have also taken more measures to mitigate the possibility of accidents and to offer easy flow of traffic. A new mobile radar 'sniper' has been introduced on the roads of Abu Dhabi for controlling traffic.

Colonel Hussein Ahmed Al Harthy, Director of the ADP Traffic and Patrols, told that the new radar monitor and work 24/7 in each type of climatic conditions.