Researchers Hope to Kill Cancer with Stem Cell Technology

Stem-Cell-TechnologyStem cell technology has raised a group of researchers' hopes that millions of Britons suffering from cancer could someday be effectively treated.

The technology, according to the team from Cancer Research UK, has the potential to cut down people's reliance on chemotherapy. White blood cells are taken by the ground-breaking technique, which are then converted into stem cells. Later, these are reprogrammed so that the cancer of patients could be battled.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's Dr. Michel Sadelain, in New York, said the finding was explicit to the cancer cells.

In the words of Dr. Emma Smith, the technique was really exciting. Since, the own immune system of the body was used in an effective manner to channel its power and attack the cancerous cells.

"It specifically targets the tumour cells and leaves the healthy ones alone, meaning it comes without any of the side effects with treatments like chemotherapy, which can be harsh for patients", said senior science information officer Dr. Smith.

Dr. Sadelain said fewer side effects were there. Also, since the stem cells stayed in the body only, these acted as living drugs, which moved around and stopped recurrence of the cancer. Dr. Sadelain was the lead study researcher.