Post Office Sub-Postmasters against Royal Mail Privatization

Royal-MailThe National Federation of Sub-Postmasters is displeased with the decision of privatizing the Royal Mail. The federation is of the view that thousands of branches would be closed in the consequence of this decision. They have already named this plan as catastrophic.

Total number of sub post offices is 11,300 and more than three quarters of these total offices are represented by NFSP. The union leaders have shown their disagreement over this plan and asked the members not to co-operate. These Sup-Postmasters run the branches under a contract with the post office.

"The Government's failed its pledge to make post offices the `front office for -government. We are more dependent than ever on Royal Mail services", said George Thomson, General Secretary of NFSP. Sub-Postmasters earn almost one third of their income from the Royal Mail products and privatization of Royal Mail will definitely be a loss for them.

The branches would be contacted in this week for handing over the material explaining the procedure by which the public can buy shares of Royal mail.

However, spokesperson for the Post Office has said that no final decision on this issue has been taken yet. The strike by these union leaders has affected the process of privatizing Royal Mail significantly.