NHS staff with HIV can perform clinical procedures

NHS-staff-with-HIVThe government is to raise a ban that stops tending workers with HIV to perform some medical procedures.

Healthcare workers in England, Wales and Scotland having HIV treatment are going to be ready to participate all told tasks, together with surgery and medical specialty.

England's chief medic, academician Dame Sally Davies, is of the view that it is better to end such outdated rules.

April 2014 will see self-testing kits for HIV being legalised, with the aim of giving an early designation.

Prof Davies stated that UK's several HIV policies were designed within the eighties and had been left behind by scientific advances and effective treatments.

She told that patients dominant with their infection and taking medication weren't a danger. She added, "The risk is negligible and that I would settle for that for myself, for my family and that I suppose it's right. It is time we tend to modified these superannuated rules that area unit generally counter-productive and limit people's decisions on a way to get tested or treated early for HIV."

There have been cases where patients have been infected by medical examiner but none of such cases have been from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.