Dad found stealing £170,000 from son's cancer treatment fund

Kevin-WrightA man has been found guilty of stealing over £170,000 from a fund that he had found out to purchase his son's treatment for cancer.

A jury detected the cash went into Kevin Wright's personal checking account and he used the cash to fulfill his own interests, and investments.

He put £60,000 in Premium Bonds and an extra £60,000 was invested with in a very building and a public house that he claimed formed a part of the fundraising.

Asked by the prosecution why no promotion material mentioned the malady, he replied that "Who would dine in a cancer-themed restaurant?"

Nottingham court detected that the boy was diagnosed with cancer when he was just three-years-old. A fund was set up by his father to gather money for his cure.

He additionally appealed that he had extended help to few other boys with cancer.

Andrew West, a specialist professional person for the Crown Prosecution Service, said, "Kevin Wright abused his high position of trust within the most misanthropic and dishonest means attainable."

Wright 49, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, had denied larceny and fraud and he is sentenced.