Low alcohol content drinks being promoted

Low-alcohol-content-drinksThe UK government is popping to low alcohol wines in its latest bid to battle excessive drinking by lobbying the EU for a discount in wine's legal minimum abv.

Rising levels of wine drinking among professionals have made health ministers sustain a Europe-wide campaign to reduce the minimum strength for a product to be classed as wine from 8.5% to 4.5% abv.

Furthermore, supermarkets are now being pushed to keep beer and wine that have a low alcohol content.

The health minister, Earl Howe, said, "The government has systematically created the case for amendment to the EU wine rules to allow reduced and de-alcoholised product to be referred to as wines."

He further added that there was a steep rise in the marketplace for low alcohol product in some years now and the promotion of such product was in consumers' best interests.

He secured the latter claim by referencing the growing range of patients admitted to hospital with disease and cancers coupled to alcohol.

A recent meeting in Brussels regarding the Common Agricultural Policy didn't reach a definition of what will lawfully be termed wine, allegedly attributable to protests from France, Italia and European country, among others.