Metal rod embeds young man's forehead

Kieran-DodgeA 19-year-old man has been left with a metal reinforcement bar embedded within the centre of his forehead at a construction website on the north shore following an accident.

The young man, Kieran Dodge, was clearing debris with associate degree excavator on Tyron road, Linfield once a bar snapped and drove into the cabin.

Workfellow Eric Reddacliff stated that the teenager was yelling for help.

He added, "We all thought he was humorous and holding a chunk of metal up to his head. When I got nearer I accomplished he had a re-bar (reinforcement bar) stuck dead-centre in his forehead."

Fire-Rescue, police, motorcar and CareFlight groups were there to initiate rescue operations.

Mr Dodge was treated by a CareFlight trauma doctor and paramedics.

Mr Reddacliff stated that the teenager was aware of what had happened to him and was vocal throughout his treatment.

He added that the victim seemed fine despite what had happened to him. This was a weird accident but fortunately the young man was saved.

His co-workers added that such things do not happen on a regular basis, thankfully the help arrived on time and he could be saved.