Over 800 People at V-Festival Receive Treatment

AmbulanceAs many as 828 festival goers have received treatment for injuries at V-Festival. West Midlands Ambulance Service, Venture Event Medical Management and St. John Ambulance Service attended them at the site yesterday.

As per reports, as many as 15 people were taken to hospital by ambulance crews. This included people who have suffered injuries after falling over and also several with pre-existing medical conditions.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said, "Doctors, nurses, paramedics, technicians, managers, first aiders, control room staff and logistics staff are on hand to make sure that if you are unfortunate enough to fall ill, help won't be far away".

Many of the revelers did not need a trip to hospital. They have been provided with treatment and after completion of the same, they could again enjoy the event.

A large number of alcohol related cases have been witnessed so far in the festival. West Midlands Ambulance Service said that it is continuing to provide medical cover at this year's V-Festival at Weston Park in partnership with Venture Event Medical Management and St. John Ambulance.

Since the gates of Weston Park have opened, 828 patients have been treated. The organization has provided a medical centre and stage first aid posts in the facility.