Chief Medical Officer claims to have had hash cookies

Prof-Dame-Sally-DaviesEngland's chief medical officer, Prof Dame Sally Davies, has admitted that she ate hash cookies at university.

She conjointly said that dependency ought to be treated as a medical and public health issue and should not be regarded as a criminal issue.

Speaking of her university days within the early Seventies, she said, "I never preserved, therefore I could not smoke joints, however I did have some cookies."

Dame Sally Davies also was vocal about her experimenting with cannabis while being at a university.

She admitted intake of hash cookies many times while learning medication at Manchester University and because of this she also had hallucinations.

She has antecedently claimed that criminalising medicine deters addicts from obtaining medical facilitate.

She added, "I did have some cookies, till on the third or fourth occasion I had hallucinations and I have never touched it since then because the experience was not very pleasant and I did not want to experience it again."

She clearly said that we needed to change our mindset about treating drug problems in a different way, which is not like the way it is being taken as now.