NHS Boards Contact Patients Treated by HIV-Affected Dentist

NHS Boards Contact Patients Treated by HIV-Affected DentistA dentist has been found to carry HIV infection, which has raised concerns amongst experts. It has been warned by two NHS boards that the thousands of patients in Scotland who received treatment from the doctor should be cautious enough.

Earlier this year, therefore, the dentist was suspended and has been stopped from practicing since March. He was working at Paisley's Kelburne Dental Surgery in Renfrewshire.

Almost 3,000 NHS and private patients had signed up with the Paisley surgery. As per the report, they were all cured by the same dentist.

All the patients have been contacted by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde by letter. Since, they were at very slight risk for they were exposed to the deadly virus. However, some 250 NHS patients, with around 230 private patients have not been able to be contacted.

It has been revealed that locum Sunday emergency cover was also provided by the employee between April 2004 and 2007 at Nithbank Hospital in Dumfries.

"Whilst we therefore think the risk is extremely low we cannot guarantee that there is no risk, so we have set up a freephone help-line where patients can ask questions", public health medicine's NHSGGC consultant, Dr. Syed Ahmed.