Facebook Releases Daily User Figures

FacebookWhen it comes to Australia, nine million people contribute almost to 40% of the total population of the country. This proportion has been found to spend time on Facebook at a regular basis.

The figure has been released in the local user figures' first detailed breakdown of the social networking site. Detailed daily user figures have not been released earlier by a majority of social media firms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

In particular, such figures have never been reported by these companies on the national grounds.

It is being said that Facebook now broke the rank so as to brag its power to potential advertisers. The company affirmed that more than 7.3 million of its users were every day on mobile as well in Australia.

The figures have been reached by using several data points such as IP addresses. The company said that it was confident on the figures released.

Facebook added that it had dedicated teams, which monitored the accounts, removing the false ones to make the site an authentic experience.

"Frankly with Facebook, as much as though all people who release things to the market tinge it with optimism we've never seen Facebook put anything silly out into the market", said Steve Allen, veteran media analyst.