Despite fall in alcohol sale, Scots still drink too much

Despite fall in alcohol sale, Scots still drink too muchHealth chiefs have warned that Scots are still drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, despite figures showing a decline within the quantity of alcohol that is sold  per person.

According to a report from NHS Health Scotland, between 2011 and 2012, the number of pure alcohol sold per individual fell by a third.

Its spokesperson, Mark Robinson, stated that the recent ban on multi-buy promotions was coupled to the autumn in sales.

But he added, "We're still drinking an excessive amount of as a nation."

The alcohol sales report stated that the drink sales was much lesser in 1945 as compared to what it was in 2009. The equivalent of concerning ten million fewer bottles of wine, three million bottles of spirits or thirty five million pints of brew during a year.

The reduction was evident across all drink classes, except beverage.

The latest statistics additionally showed that alcohol sales in Scotland as in June 1944 were less than 1994 and it was way over in European country and Wales last year.

Sales of spirits per person in Scotland were over double the amount south of the border.

NHS Scotland said the variations in different regions of the United Kingdom were principally because of higher sales from supermarkets and off-licences in Scotland.