Origins of myeloma expressed in detail

Origins of myeloma expressed in detailAccording to an international team of researchers, a type of blood cancer could be linked to a gene that helps control ageing.

The team, led by researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research in London, determined that a varied risk of developing myeloma, a cancer that is generated in the bone marrow from blood cells is linked to about four particular areas of human genetic code, our genome.

The number of genetic regions that are associated with myeloma are seven with this.

Every year, UK sees myeloma being developed by around 4,700 people and this happens after they develop genetic mutations in immune cells called plasma cells.

People who suffer from myeloma tend to witness these cells that grow in the bone marrow and get stuck and with this happens the disruption of normal blood production.

Dr Holger Auner, a Cancer Research UK myeloma expert who was not involved in the study, said that more light was thrown on how the disease actually develops with this.

He further added, "It provides further evidence that some people may inherit an increased risk of developing myeloma."