Health Checks for over 40s are Waste of Money: Study

Health Checks for over 40s are Waste of Money: StudyAre free health checks offered to the over-40s by the NHS waste of money? Well, this is what a recent study has revealed that the heath checks offered no benefits to people under a £300million-a-year programme. Besides, it only increased pressure on the NHS by leading them to offer unnecessary treatments.

According to the government the scheme could prevent 650 people a year from dying a disease that could be treated with earlier diagnosis. Over 1.3 million people received free health checks over the past year. The scheme is in place since 2009, but all the evidence has showed that it is not viable and attributes to waste of money.

The scheme invites people in the age group of 40 to 74 to their GP once every five years to get their blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels checked. However, evidence has showed that checks on healthy people actually harm them by worrying them for something that is slight out of the ordinary and do not need treatment.

Public Health England has even admitted that no evidence was found that the health checks worked. A review was published in the British Medical Journal in 2012. It was prepared by three Danish scientists, who found no beneficial effects from general health checks.