People Seeking to Lose Weight Should avoid Diet Books, Say Experts

People Seeking to Lose Weight Should avoid Diet Books, Say ExpertsSwimwear season is on its go and it is no surprise to see most of the would-be beach bodies turning a gym-freak. While the same goes, diet books are also common, says a recent report.

The Yale University Prevention Research Center’s director, physician David Katz, said that almost all such people made the diet books the best-sellers at the time.

While it was known what should be provided to the aquarium fish, it was difficult to assess what was apt for their selves, i. e. humans. It was now urgent to discover if the diet books were actually good, and most importantly, if these were correct while suggesting the diet.

Katz has strictly suggested that one should never go for gluten-concentrated diet. Gluten, as per the findings, is a protein, which is present in wheat-like grains.

Cardiologist William Davis has affirmed in his best-selling book that wheat’s genetically modified strains should not be consumed as these are seemingly the main cause of health issues amongst Americans.

They are seen experiencing expanding waistlines, hypertension and arthritis.

Davis said that people might not always end up having celiac disease, but they realize poor consequences due to the same.

The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center’s director, Lawrence Cheskin, said that very few people had a pathological response to the protein in wheat.