John Lewis Partnership Staff Receives Windfall after Error in Calculation

John-LewisJohn Lewis Partnership staff is receiving windfalls of up to £4,000, after a call center worker discovered that the firm had been accidentally underpaying the staff for seven years. The staff was witnessed congratulating the sharp-eyed worker, as he was the one who made the additional windfall possible. They received windfalls in pay packages arriving yesterday and today.

The partnership includes the Waitrose supermarket chain. It will be paying £40m for the mistake it committed. A further £7m will be paid out for further pension liabilities.

The employee was new to the firm, but he was smart enough to figure out that he was not receiving the same amount for working on Sundays and bank holidays as he received in his previous job. He decided to report the matter to the human resource department last month.

The UK's Working Time Regulations legislation states that holiday pay for employees must reflect working hours at premium rates.

According to a spokesman, the average payout will be £350. The John Lewis Partnership blamed miscalculations dating back to 2006. As a result, it had to pay the additional sums in this month's wages to its 69,000 of its partners.

The employee-owned retailer said during a review earlier this year, the mistake was spotted, and an employee also discovered it around the same time.