Three Guys Share Their Tales of Getting Ill after Eating a Cronut Burger

Cronut-BurgerThree out of 100 people have come forward to tell about the story of getting ill after eating a cronut burger at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto.

A Cambridge resident, who got sick, told CTV in an interview that on his visit to the national exhibition, only thing he ate was the cronut burger, and after eating it he couldn't even get back to his car and started throwing out.

Another man from Mississauga has also shared his experience and told that although, he had tasted many food items at the exhibition, yet his doctors told that majority of the people treated for tummy infection after the exhibition, did have the cronut burger.

As many as 34 people have reported the sickness caused by food after visiting and eating at the CNE. An investigation is being carried out regarding the issue, while the vendor selling cronut burgers at the exhibition has been asked to close the store. However, cronut burger lovers are pretty disappointed to see the closure of the vendor selling these burgers at CNE.

According to Dr. Lisa Berger, Associate Medical Officer of Health, Toronto Public health received the information of people getting sick due to food infection on Tuesday night. The reasons of getting ill after eating the burger haven't been confirmed by the Toronto Public Health yet.