Study Links Volunteering to Good Health

VolunteeringPublished in the journal BMC Public Health this Friday, a study has been claiming that volunteering could help you in feeling good as well as improving mental health.

To a high extent, said the researchers, you are helped in living a prolonged life with volunteering. The researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK analyzed a total of 40 academic papers.

It was found that self-rated levels of depression were lower amongst volunteers, with great well-being as well as life satisfaction. However, further research is needed to confirm the findings, said the report.

The team affirmed that volunteering is known to be good, especially for older people, when it comes to maintaining their physical health. Since, it encourages them that they should stay active by spending more time out of their homes.

On the other hand, volunteering has come out to be an excellent health remedy for youngsters as well. An earlier study had said that high school students were reported improved cardiovascular health after volunteering.

It is being said volunteers have a 20% lesser risk of facing early death as compared to average.

"Our systematic review shows that volunteering is associated with improvements in mental health, but more work is needed to establish whether volunteering is actually the cause", stated Dr. Suzanne Richards, lead author.