BA Chief Executive Launches Attack on Union Bosses

BA Chief Executive Launches Attack on Union BossesBritish Airways Chief Executive Willie Walsh initiated a severe attack on union bosses as the row over cost-cutting became more intense after the seven days of strikes by cabin crew was disclosed.

Unite has revealed that thousands of its members will carry on with the strike for three days from March 20 and for four days from March 27 after the talks initiated with a view to resolve a long-running dispute over jobs, pay and working conditions, resulted in a failure.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Walsh accused the union of being entangled in a time bound and revealed that it was not cognizant of the issues faced by the airline during the "worst recession for 80 years", adding that it "prefers to believe the earth is flat".

"It believes nothing changes. That economies go on growing forever. That competition does not increase. That practices born in the cosy, nationalised industries of 40 years ago must be preserved in the global economic swirl of today," he added.

BA is reported to have temporarily shut down its seat booking for its flights operating on the strike days.

In addition, it posted that until it revised its flying schedule next week, all passengers who have booked to travel between March 19 and 31 will now have to opt for either rebooking or cancelling and obtaining a refund.