Workers at Crown Post Offices Strike Work

Crown-post-officesWorkers at Crown post offices have declared strikes to take place on Monday and Tuesday. The strikes are being launched over a five-month dispute related to jobs. It was decided that Monday will be the day for strike in Scotland, and Tuesday for union members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The dispute involves up to 4,000 staff, and no sign of being resolved has ever been seen, said The Communication Workers Union.

The plans to franchise or close more than 70 crown sites have attributed to the industrial action. The 373 Crown offices comprise just three percent of the total post office network.

However, the CWU has claimed that its staff handles a fifth of all the customers and 40% of financial transactions including banking and credit cards.

Dave Ward is the CWU deputy general secretary. He said that they have taken this harsh step of strike at the same time for the first time ever. Besides, this is the first time they have announced back-to-back days of strike action.

He added, "Crown post office workers do not agree with management's slash-and-burn approach and are prepared to take prolonged industrial action to defend jobs and services and win a fair pay rise".