Name for Cannabis Strain from Indian-American Medical Journo

MedicalRecent updates from the medical arena have unveiled that medical marijuana has been named after Indian-American medical journalist Sanjay Gupta. He is a part of a list which is inhabited by big names like the US President Barack Obama.

The marijuana is dubbed as `Gupta Kush'. It was done after the CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Gupta recommended the use of medical marijuana. After some controversial issues that had encompassed the weed, there has been a revamp in the manner in which it looks.

According to owner of Helping Hands Herbals Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado, Jeff Kless, "Dr. Gupta's recent reporting on marijuana puts him at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement, and we thought what better way to honour his efforts than by giving him his own strain". He continued by saying that they wished him to be part of the annals of cannabis culture and this was the best way to immortalize his name.

The researchers have fleshed out the details by saying that the new strain is grown organically in Boulder. The strain has a strong marijuana culture and is the healthiest area in America.

The strain also cures debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, severe pain, nausea, and anxiety. It aids in physical and mental recovery with making use of the pharmaceuticals.