Britain Registers Higher Tourist Arrivals

Britain Registers Higher Tourist ArrivalsBritain has registered record number of tourist arrivals in June as per the latest data released by VisitBritain. After the success of 2012 London Olympics, Britain is witnessing higher number of tourists. The growth in number of tourists has also helped the economy, which is showing signs of recovery. More than 2.6 million jobs in Britain are supported by travel and hospitality sector.

The number of tourist arrivals from China, some European countries and United States has gone higher. During June 2013, there was rise of 13% in spending, which stood at £1.84 billion. The spending during the first six months of 2013 was also higher by 11% compared to last year.

Keith Beecham, overseas director at VisitBritain has expressed pleasure about higher tourist arrivals. He added that if the trend continues, it will be great news for economy. There were several warnings that stricter visa rules would reduce the number of tourist arrivals. Britain has also put limits on overstaying tourists from some countries, a move seen as restrictive measure by analysts tracking travel sector.

However, the number of Britons visiting other countries is much higher at 26 million compared to 11 million people visiting Britain. Visitors have spent £8.72 billion in Britain while Britons have spent £15.2 billion during their travel to other countries.