Are Claims that Raspberry Boost Fertility False?

RaspberryThe claims made by reports in Daily Express and the Mail Online website are not backed by any evidence to show that raspberries can better the plight of infertile man to become a father. The story was a result of a small study conducted on 80 men to figure out if the micronutrient intake was associated with sperm DNA damage.

The study was published in 2012, which also found that poor sperm quality can lead to male infertility.

The study showed that men with a high dietary and supplement intake of certain micronutrients (vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, zinc and folate) had sperms with less DNA damage. But as a matter of fact, it was unable to show a cause-and-effect relationship. Moreover, raspberry was not specifically investigated under the study.

The fruit's name was not even mentioned once in the study. It is well known that there are numerous health benefits of a healthy balanced diet containing fresh fruit and vegetables, but there is nothing to vindicate that raspberries boost fertility.

The research has failed to prove that raspberries boost fertility and it seems to be the result of the opinion of one fertility nutritionist. Also, it should be noted that none of the 80 men ever had any fertility problems