Active Pill Disappears; Package Reports Placebo

Active Pill Disappears; Package Reports PlaceboReportedly, a placebo had recently been discovered instead of an active pill. The same had caused concerns amongst health officials and they have now issued a recall of all popular oral contraceptive Freya-28.

The voluntary recall includes a warning that a person who misses out on one or more than one birth control pill could face reduced effectiveness. The person could even realize an unplanned pregnancy.

The product has been recalled from the market. However, any report of illness has not been received by the company as yet as a consequence of taking the incorrect pills. It has been found that the Freya-21 product of the firm is unaffected by the recall.

Generally, there are three white active pill rows in the packages of Freya-28. A fourth row consists of green placebo pills.

But, on Tuesday, Mylan Pharmaceuticals heard that a single package was containing one misplace placebo. It is, thus, that all the consumers have been urged, rather strictly warned, that they should return `still closed' packages to their respective pharmacists.

The consumers have also been advised to use condom or spermicidal foam-like non-hormonal birth control methods until and unless another oral contraceptive is received by them.

The report said that any consumer with any query should consult a doctor.