Surveillance Footage Failed to Notice Dying Man, Says Sgt. O'Donovan

Surveillance Footage Failed to Notice Dying Man, Says Sgt. O'DonovanOn Tuesday, an inquest heard that a man who tended to face death in a hospital emergency ward was avoided for a significant 34-hour period while he awaited care.

It has been found that the deceased man named Brian Sinclair even had thrown up thrice, but he still was ignored.

Some 150 people have been reported to have had moved through the room during the weekend when the death occurred. But, it is being said that the man was the one and only to lack medical treatment.

Sgt. John O'Donovan affirmed that the surveillance video also did not pay attention to the fatal incident. The footage of the time has been watched by him in September 2008 at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre.

The same showed that Sinclair came at the hospital by taxi. Also, he talked to a triage aide, which seemed to take notes on a paper pad.

He added that the cameras did not look at the double amputee when was fading away at the emergency department. However, the man had gone to the room since he had not been able to urinate in the past 24 hours.

"He was the only person who wasn't provided medical treatment. I don't know if he was being ignored on purpose. They weren't aware of him there", stated O'Donovan.

Manitoba's chief medical examiner said that the man died from a treatable bladder infection and required only half-an-hour of treatment.