Bank of England Governor Mark Carney speaks about Savers

Bank-of-EnglandRecent updates have unveiled that the savers have been affected by rock- bottom interest rates. This fact was brought into notice by the Bank of England's new governor.

Mark Carney's first speech encapsulated an expression of sympathy for the thrifty savers, including millions of pensioners.

According to him, "They have done the right thing, set money aside, and now they are earning returns that are substantially below what they would have expected". He said that he would take efforts to do everything in his position to stop the housing market from crossing the bubble.

He said in Nottingham that the bank rate touched a low turf of 0.5 per cent since March 2009. This is a huge trigger for the homeowners, who have been aided by the cheapest loans in history.

As there has been drop in their monthly mortgage bill, they have been able to sustain finances in the economic crisis. According to him, the Bank is in a position of risk of unsustainable credit and house price growth.

It appears that this comment would disappoint savers. There has been a total loss of £500billion in interest payments. Inflation has been on rise.

Carney has been questioned as the critics have said that he is playing Russian roulette with the UK economy.