Freya-28 Recalled from Pharmacies

Freya-28 Recalled from PharmaciesAs per recent reports, it has been found that Freya-28, popular birth control pill has been recalled from pharmacies for the second time in five months.

Health Canada has unveiled that the Freya-28 packet was found to be having a placebo pill in the place of an active pill. In general, a woman during her menstrual cycle takes 21 active pills and seven placebo pills.

It has been found that two lots of Freya-28 were affected and that were 3739F001B and 3739F002B. As per the Health Canada, about 76,300 packages of Freya-28's affected lots have been distributed across Canada.

By which, it means that there are a number of women that might have got affected. Health Canada was of the view that if one or more active pills get missed then it can result into reduced effectiveness of the protection.

In the severe case, there are chances that women can have unplanned pregnancy. But Dr. David Juurlink was of the view that there are reduced that in such case, a woman can get pregnant. "In my estimation, if this is a single tablet issue, even with a large number of packs, this is. not catastrophic by any means", said Dr. Juurlink.