Disabled People Facing Increased Attacks

Disabled-PeopleA charity named Scope has recently raised warnings that a large number of British disabled people have still been facing bad attitudes towards them. It has been a year when the opening ceremony of Paralympics took place.

The charity said many of them were found dishonored as "benefit scroungers". They had to suffer antagonism and abuse.

A survey conducted by Scope included a total of 1,014 disabled adults. One in almost every four people residing in London was found reporting hostility or some kind of threatening behaviour. Physical assaults were also reported by these people.

The report found that the host city for the event was one amongst those with the highest attack rates on disabled people. The city pushes athletes like Ellie Simmonds and Jonnie Peacock into the spotlight as that on Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah.

Some 24% of the partakers said that they had realized a decline in their attitudes. Also, some reported that the attitudes towards them had deteriorated over time.

"Speak to disabled people and the same issue comes up. Disabled people say they feel like they've done something wrong, because they need support to do the same things as everyone else", avowed chairwoman of Scope, Alice Maynard.