Vodafone Decides to Sell Its Stake in Verizon Wireless

Vodafone-VerizonA large number of Americans have been using Verizon Wireless for the cellphone service used by them. Thus, it seems unlikely that a foreign company owns some 50% of Verizon.

But, a recent report has been claiming that the British telecommunications giant, Vodafone, has decided to sell its Verizon Wireless's 45% stake to Verizon Communications. Currently, the company is in talks for the same.

According to analysts, the deal is expected to be worth around $125 billion. This is, reportedly, a deal, which has been long awaited by Verizon. Since, it is of the belief that such a deal would help its position realize a leap and place itself amongst the biggest purchases in history.

It is being said the company might be able to move from receiving dividends to fully integrate all the profit, if its wireless business is completely owned by it.

Verizon would probably also be able to fully control the way the profit is managed. In particular, this is because wireless carriers, advertisers and content distributors use mobile data, information services and smartphones on a rising pace.

"Vodafone investors are expecting a fairly material payout. They have been waiting for a very long time", said Berenberg Bank's analyst, Paul Marsch, in London.