Union Railways for high speed railways link

Train-Dubai-AbuDhabiUnion Railways, in line with its vision to make travel easy, has announced a plan to introduce high speed railways program for offering better connectivity between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The proposed railways link would offer a speed up to 200Km per hour making people to reduce their traveling time to take up urgent assignments in the respective cities. The railway is hopeful of speedy implementation of its plans for a 1,500km rail network across all seven emirates in phased manner during year 2013 - 2017.

The Union Railway, established last year, is yet to conduct the feasibility study for the proposed railways link and it would initially focus on freight-focused network. Richard Bowker, the Chief Executive of Union Railway that the proposed railway link between two UAE cities would help to further strengthen its network and give a boost to the commercial and tourism activities in the region.